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What would it be like if your advertising not only aroused customer desires but actually recognized them and actively responded to them? What if you could tailor your advertising messages to your chosen target group according to the given setting, time of day, or based on current events? Just a dream? Not any more.

Digital signage allows you to tailor your advertising to the needs of your customers – in real time. Interactive displays showing elaborate animations will guide your customers through the PoS and transform their visit into an emotional experience that takes them straight to the check-out - and stays firmly in their heads. Ultimately, this will not only encourage more spontaneous purchases but also provide you with a state-of-the-art brand marketing tool.

From store windows to changing rooms, you have the flexibility to choose when you show which advertising on which digital display screens. Even in the case of sudden product or price changes, the content you want to show can be changed quickly and simply using our “PlayEverywhere” software.

Interior impact

Decide where your customers focus their attention. An advertising system with digital display screens tailored to your shop design will make shopping a real experience. That is how in-store marketing works today.

Professional product presentation

Brand communication

Targeted customer approach

Exciting and eye-catching multi-media content


Exterior impact

Transform passers-by into impulse-buyers and store windows into multi-media showcases for your products. Thanks to digital signage solutions, such as electronic billboards, digital store window advertising and digital advertising display screens, you can generate even more attention – 24/7.

Animated product presentation even when stores are closed

Visible even in strong sunlight

Content can be tailored to time of day and regional requirements

Reach new target groups



Since 2001, we have been conquering the digital world with our clients – take a glance at the many successful projects we have implemented over the last few years.



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