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Providing information at the POS, POI and within your company

What? When? Where? Bringing matter of fact, concise, as well as eye-catching and captivating information, digital signage allows you to provide your visitors, staff and customers with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Thanks to digital signage and “PlayEverywhere”, all the information your target groups need, from animated staff and customer welcome messages to event information and news or even comprehensive itineraries, can be presented in a clear, structured and effective manner.

Whether at the Point of Sale or Point of Interest, address your target group directly and engage them in a wide range of dynamic communication situations. By doing so, you will boost your corporate image, enhance your service and information quality and reinforce the bonds you have with your customers and staff.

Digital information

With extremely eye-catching digital information systems, such as digital information boards, screens and signs, you can provide up-to-date, real-time information quickly and simply.

Current information at relevant locations

News tickers via RSS newsfeeds

High entertainment value

Emotional appeal


Staff information

From digital notice boards to electronic menus and digital welcome messages for visitors, you can use digital communication as a means to keep your staff and visitors informed throughout the company, even in your production department.

Intranet access for staff without a PC workplace

Electronic menus and information about composite dishes

Digital room signs

Welcome messages and site plans for orientation



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