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Interactive systems can be used to display complex content in a clear way.

Would you like to have a member of staff that is always there for your customers? Someone who responds to almost all wishes, offers top-level entertainment, and thereby increases customer loyalty vis-à-vis your brand?With digital signage, this staff member can start working at your company any time and give your customers what they need more than anything else nowadays: an interactive shopping experience for the senses.

Thanks to our interactive applications, you can optimize your information quality, improve your services, relieve the strain on personnel and increase your company’s entertainment factor. The transition from linear content (e.g. adverts) to interactive mode is a dynamic process activated as soon as a person touches the display screen or enters a situation you define. As a result, the search for the right information – whether it is a product, a department or the route from A to B – becomes child’s play.

Incidentally, you can also evaluate the user behavior of your customers, staff and visitors with the help of customized analyses, which allow you to learn more about their behavior and thus provide you with a valuable tool to optimize your product range and communication channels.

Digital sales support

Offer your customers unmistakable added value with our interactive systems for digital sales promotion and product presentation.

Professional sales advice and digital enlargement of retail space

Modern shopping experience and additional purchasing impulses

Customer retention support

Monitoring and evaluation


Interactive product presentation

Use interactive systems at the POI to entertain your customers. Install interactive touch screens and show your customers exactly which content they want to see.

Simple visualization of complex content


Individual topic selection

High entertainment value



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