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Navigation and queue management with digital signage

Make your company premises more transparent: allow your customers, visitors and staff to find their way to their destination intuitively, provide important information in waiting situations, and thereby ensure a higher level of satisfaction for all involved.

Digital signage allows users to gain fast access to all the information they need to find their way simply and efficiently. An integrated keyword search also helps them to locate specific rooms, people or products. User-friendly site plans, visitor and resident directories as well as floor directories can also be shown on the digital displays.

There is also the option of showing specific commercials or drawing attention to special promotions.

Digital queue management

The queue management system and corresponding digital calling system allow you to shorten waiting times in high-volume customer service situations.

Queue and customer volume management

Presentation of complex services and product information

Interactive customer requirement identification and expedient referrals

KPI evaluations


Digital navigation systems

Direct your customers and visitors right to their chosen destination with digital navigation systems such as electronic signposts and digital signs.

Site plans for orientation

Floor directories showing designated areas

Simple search via interactive systems

Evaluation of search behavior



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