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Bosch Thermotechnik was looking for an elegant solution to modernize and reorganize the internal communications structure of its factory in Wernau. Underlying this project was Bosch’s desire to uphold its standards as a leading technology company among its employees by implementing an expedient, constantly updatable and attractive information system. Our staff information system, consisting of a digital notice board, digital navigation systems, electronic menus, as well as multi-media factory tours, keep staff and visitors perfectly up to date. We assumed responsibility for the entire value chain during the project, from the design and consultation phases right through to the development and technical implementation of the solution. The system is managed via our “PlayEverywhere” software.

Inform staff, even on the production line

Digital notice board with information about events, works council, etc.

Electronic menus

Visual support for factor tours

„We want to fascinate our customers with our products and services and make a visit to our Bosch Thermotechnik Forum in Wernau an unforgettable one. Equally important is our desire to uphold our standards as a leading technology company among our employees by implementing an expedient, constantly updatable and attractive information system. netvico and its system solutions are a key part of that.“

Armin Schwab, Operations & Site Manager at Bosch


A number of pillars with 55” as well as 46” touch-screen monitors have been installed at strategic locations on the factory premises. The unique feature of the system is that it not only contains information for external visitors being given tours of the factory but also internal information for staff. For example, groups of visitors wanting to see how wall-mounted gas condensing boilers are manufactured are first individually welcomed and then provided with a site plan so that they can find their way around the factory. However, the monitors also display news sourced from the Bosch intranet system as well as fixed dates for works meetings. Users wanting to read more than just the teasers can simply tap on the screen to receive the full-text version.


In the factory hall, the complex production processes are explained to the visitor groups on digital pillars. The factory guides also have this content on a tablet, providing them with a digital cheat sheet wherever they are. netvico’s digital door signs make room planning and reservations much easier in that meetings booked via Outlook appear automatically on the door sign of the reserved meeting room.


What’s on the menu today? The staff at Bosch Thermotechnik in Wernau receive a digital answer to this question. In the staff restaurant, several 42” display screens installed above the servicing counter provide information on the daily dishes available, including a description and a picture. The daily menus can also be viewed by staff on other digital media.


At Bosch Thermotechnik, the multi-media content shown on all digital media systems is controlled and managed using our digital signage software “PlayEverywhere”. The software can be integrated easily in existing communications structures and is responsible for all components interacting together smoothly to form a perfect whole. The digital content can be managed, monitored and updated centrally using the user-friendly Content Management System. Playlists are used to determine what content is shown on what display screens at exactly what time. The content can also be divided and distributed according to the chosen target group – i.e. a difference can be made between “external” and “internal” information. The system allows users to input additional information or menu changes for the staff restaurant just as quickly and easily as they can organize for an individual welcome message to be displayed for visitors in the training center.