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Deutsche Bahn

Since winning Deutsche Bahn’s Europe-wide tender in 2012, we have implemented more than 40 queue management systems in the company’s top-revenue, most highly frequented DB Travel Centers across Germany. Our digital signage software “PlayEverywhere” is responsible for the control and administration of the systems. At the customer calling pillar, DB customers can use a touch screen to request a numbered ticket.

Particular importance was also attached to making the systems accessible to all persons: mobility and visually impaired travelers can request a ticket from a low-level tactile counter. With the help of “PlayEverywhere” the calling system can be controlled from the ticket counter and the ticket numbers shown on the 46” display screens. This cutting-edge calling system can be configured centrally and used in a multitude of environments due to its flexibility and scalability.

Reduce waiting times

Improve and document consultations

Inform travelers

Evaluate customer behavior

“The customer calling system and customer information terminal (Kit) help our customers and staff to obtain or provide top-quality consultations and information, whether at a counter or using a touch screen. This gives travelers more time for the important things, in line with the motto: “This time belongs to you!”

Christine Stockmann, Head of Standards for the Travel Centers of DB Vertrieb GmbH


Evaluations of KPIs are also possible. By analyzing customer contact details, DB has access to processed statistics regarding waiting times, processing times and stay periods. Based on this data, workload and business processes can be optimized.


In order to increase the mobility of the reception staff in the travel centers, we have developed a web-based application. Until now, the reception staff only had a desktop device at their disposal to see which waiting areas were the most frequented and where additional staffing was perhaps needed. Now, they can use a mobile end device for this purpose. The application provides consultants in the travel centers with more freedom of movement and flexibility. Even tickets can be booked via this application. We have also given consideration to left-handers: if necessary, the keypad flips to the other side of the display screen.


Alongside the digital calling system, we have also provided DB with a customer information terminal, which we developed with the help of the Fraunhofer Institut for Industrial Engineering IAO (Institut for Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation). Via the KIT, customers can access all key information, e.g. about BahnCards or interesting travel offers, simply by pressing a button on the terminal. Customers can also use the terminal to reprint their online ticket, if necessary. The content, such as texts, images and advertising sequences, is managed centrally via "PlayEverywhere", making it possible to change the infotainment at any time.