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The sale of hiking and mountaineering footwear is a sensitive topic. Everyone has a different foot shape and before venturing on an outdoor trip is well advised to get their foot measured. That is why the sports footwear manufacturer LOWA organizes trade events dedicated to professional foot measurements. For these events, we have equipped the company with a set of digital products for providing foot measurements, customer consultations and promoting sales..

Digital foot measurements

Full customer consultations

Optimum sales promotion

Support brick-and-mortar retail

“It was our goal to provide long-term support for brick-and-mortar retail. netvico’s solution allows us not only to use and manage our customer data ergonomically but also enhance the consultation expertise of our retailers.”

Matthias Wanner, Head of Sales & Marketing at LOWA


In order to have a modern-looking PoS and be able to evaluate their customer data in the long term, the sports footwear manufacturer LOWA decided in favor of our very own hardware and software solutions. The LOWA Footscan 360° consists of a measuring station, equipped with scanning technology developed by corpus.e, a digital consultation desk, as well as mobile devices for registering products and allocating purchases for after-sales activities.

The digital communication set is supported by our software technology “PlayEverywhere”, which is responsible for content visualization and secure customer data management. This completely web-based solution can be used intuitively, is compatible with existing IT infrastructures, and can be managed quickly and uncomplicatedly by retailers directly at the PoS.


The details: The LOWA Footscan 360°

In preparation for the events, the retailers and the LOWA products are entered into databases. The merchandise in stock at each retailer is registered via mobile device (mobile phone). On the day of the event, the LOWA Footscan 360° is the centre of attention. The scanner is used to register customers’ data and foot measurements so that a suitable shoe recommendation can be made and the ideal model sold to the customer.


In order to obtain a foot measurement, the customer puts on a special sock and stands on the scanning area of the LOWA Footscan 360°. The device then measures length, width, shoe size and ball of the foot. The results of the analysis appear directly as a 3D model on a swivel-mounted 22” touch-screen. The customer then receives a full consultation. At the consultation desk, the sales advisor selects the customer from the event database on a 22” touch-screen. After that, the system presents a selection of footwear suitable for the foot. In order to see if the LOWA fits match the foot measurements, a virtual fitting takes place.


A 360° view shows up any eventual problems and displays different fits. Once the right shoes have been found, the customer can try them on and buy them there and then. While the customer is buying the shoes, a mobile device is used to allocate the shoes to the respective customer. The foot measurements and customer data are saved in an event database so that the retailer can contact the customer at a later date and use the information for future consultations and after-sales activities.


In addition, the consultation desk is used to present other information about LOWA as well as entertain customers with videos and animations of various shoe models. An interface also provides direct access to the content of the LOWA website. There is even entertainment for the youngsters – a digital outdoor manual that can be navigated using the 22” touch-screen at the consultation desk.