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Peek & Cloppenburg

Taking the significance of each branch into consideration, we have been integrating our digital advertising media in the departmental architecture of numerous Peek & Cloppenburg branches in Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe since 2005.

Alongside our calling systems at check-outs, our focus has been on providing orientation at escalators as well as advertising at check-outs and in the stores’ boutiques.

The content shown on this media can be controlled quickly and easily by any staff member via the digital signage software “PlayEverywhere”, ensuring that all content remains up to date.

Create shopping experiences

Impact instead of advertise

Provide orientation in branches

Manage queues

Floor directories

Specially manufactured for Peek & Cloppenburg, our floor directories show customers the way in a large number of branches. Conspicuously placed at the escalators and elevators, they provide customers with information about the departments and brands on the various floors.


Avant-garde pillars

Refurbished in 2015, the entire menswear departments at Peek & Cloppenburg now have a new motto: avant-garde. For many locations, we have created exclusive avant-garde pillars in keeping with the overall store architecture. The avant-garde pillars comprise two vertical 46” display screens installed one above the other. Completely frameless, the displays take up the entire surface area of the pillar fronts. The pillars are a perfect accessory for the new avant-garde departments, where stylish, top-of-the-range menswear is presented. Catwalk videos as well as full-body images of fashion models are displayed on the pillars, giving shoppers a life-size impression of the menswear available at the store.


Video wall

Undoubtedly one of the most renowned projects is the video wall installed in Peek & Cloppenburg’s Weltstadthaus in Berlin and comprising 36 frameless 46” LDC monitors mounted on one of the four existing 10m x 4m concrete pillars. The media content is scalable to suit individual display solutions in smaller branches.


Children’s cinema

A large number of Peek & Cloppenburg locations now have integrated children’s cinemas to entertain the younger visitors in the children’s boutiques. In terms of content, children’s films are shown to provide ideal entertainment for the youngsters while their parents are shopping nearby.


LED curtain

In December 2013, a LED curtain measuring 140m² was installed at the Richard Meier Haus in Düsseldorf. The LED curtain follows the principle of transparency underlying the architectonic concept of the building, allowing onlookers to still splendor at the existing architecture. An innovative combination of luminescence and light permeability, this digital medium boasts a 30mm pixel pitch and therefore uninterrupted picture quality.


Check-out display screens

We have integrated check-out display screens at Peek & Cloppenburg that show images and video sequences in order to make waiting in queues more pleasant for customers. Daily promotions that are also shown on the PoS displays support the sale of residual products and provide additional purchasing impulses. The high-quality display screens were integrated directly into the wall of the check-out area and blend in perfectly with the design of the shop floor.


Check-out calling system

Peek & Cloppenburg has installed check-out calling systems in numerous branches. The system comprises a pillar that displays the next available check-out. Using a switch at the check-out, staff can send a signal via “PlayEverywhere” to the pillar, which then shows the number of the available check-out. This system makes check-out situations more customer-friendly, reduces the number of purchase cancellations and shortens waiting times.