Challenging times require extraordinary actions.
In order to meet the current requirements regarding access control and social distancing we designed an inexpensive product that offers you valuable assistance in dealing with the daily customer flows.


COUNTME regulates access to the sales area fully automatically in an easily understandable traffic light system. Equipped with a proven clamping frame, programmed LED stripes and appropriate sensors for recording customer flows. In combination with an intuitive and effective app for Android and iOS, COUNTME ensures the counting of customers when entering and leaving the sales floors.









Thanks to the plug and play approach, setup only takes a few minutes.



Reduces fixed costs to a minimum and creates the necessary transparency.


Control and monitoring is very easy using the COUNTME® APP


If required, the system can also be supplemented for an analytics platform.


Acoustic and visual features successfully complement COUNTME®.

COUNTME® is everything that is needed for a reliable survey of customer frequencies.

Setting up COUNTME® is easy. Installation can be carried out in just a few steps without technical expertise and calibration is conveniently done by using the COUNTME® app. Plug&Play ready.


There are three basic requirements for the installation of COUNTME®:


Floor plan

In order to plan the deployment as best as possible, we are primarily dependent on plans for the entry and exit situation 


power connection

For the commissioning of the COUNTME® totems, we need access to the power grid in the vicinity of the intended location


Mobile Device

Any common smartphone can be used to operate the CountMe® app (iOS and Android).

The components

Our totems regulate access with an easily understandable traffic light system: fully automatic, simple and inexpensive. Equipped with our proven stenter frame, solid base plate, programmed LED stripes the totem, in combination with a simple but effective software, counts inbound and outbound traffic.

Plug & Play ready


Stenter frame

Conceived from the proven and individually applicable tenter frame system, the CountMe® totem can not only be used to regulate people flow , but can also later be used as an advertising platform, signage element and customer information system.

textile printing

A high-quality textile fabric is printed for the totem and can be individually designed.

LED module

The built-in LED module has the format of 40 x 40 cm (Pro) or 30 x 30 cm (SLIM).


If an inattentive customer enters the sales area even though the traffic light is red, an acoustic signal notifies him and others that he must not enter right now.


Our toten includes a local WiFi network, via which the CountMe® app can be connected. This network has an encrypted access. The local WiFi network is offline - but if required it can be equipped with an additional module to make real-time data accessible online.


CountMe® is a unique system that incorporates individual needs quickly and easily. Examples are the following:

LED warning light

In sunlight it can happen that even the strongly illuminated LED module is not always clearly perceptible. Therefore we have developed an ultrabright LED booster, which is visible even in strong sunlight.


If a store operator wants greater coverage of the local CountMe® WiFi, this can be easily achieved with a range extender.

Access restriction

We are continuously testing further helpful functions that will make the entry&exit-situation even more secure and more clearly. We would be happy to tell you more about it in a personal conversation.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 1300 x 300 x 45 (mm)

Footplate (H x WXT): 300 x 300 (mm)

Weight8 kg

Power supply: 100V – 240V / 50Hz

Power consumption: 50w

WiFi Local WiFi to connect to the app, no internet connection necessary

In addition to infrared sensors for simple customer counting, 3D camera sensors are also available. In addition to standard applications such as frequency counting, they also provide evaluations for zone occupancy, dwell and waiting times and heat maps.


CountMe® uses 3 different surveys

1. The use of a 3D stereo vision sensor enables the highest possible measurement accuracy (Pro)

2.a The use of the infrared motion sensor supports the survey of customer flows (slim)

2.b The use of a remote control for the traffic light puts the responsible employee at the checkout in charge (Slim)

Mounting types

While the sensor for CountMe® Slim is always built into the housing of the pillar, the sensor for CountMe® Pro is always mounted above the entrance. In order to be able to react to the different structural conditions, different types of installation were developed for CountMe®. Whether for wood or glass, whether as a hanging installation or fixed to the ceiling - CountMe® can be used anywhere.


Data privacy and security

EPS certificate (data protection)

EPS certificate (data privacy)

With the included CountMe app, our customers have a valuable monitoring tool that guarantees a constant overview of the current customer capacity in the store. Furthermore, the app control enables an immediate and uncomplicated reaction to new regulations.


The app fulfills four basic tasks for CountMe®

The app shows your staff the current occupancy in real time.

The app notifies your staff if the maximum occupancy is exceeded.

The traffic light can be switched to red at any time via the app.

The app calibrates the sensors during installation (Pro).

The app is designed in several languages ​​and is currently available in German, English, French and Italian. An extension is possible on request.

Operating system
The app can be used on iOS and Android.

Product matrix



The best for precision

Intended for everyone who wants to work with the highest precision and is looking for expansion options.




The wall mounting variant

The space-saving wall-mounted version with all the features of the PRO variant.




The best for pragmatists

A proven solution which has been reduced to the minimum and which is convincing in its application.





Multiple in- and outputs

High precision sensor for versatile use

Simultaneous entry and exit for several people

Configuration via App

Steles sand solution (mobile)



Connection to analytics platform

Expansion with additional sensors


Zone occupancy

Dwell / waiting times

Event and flow of people data

Multiple in- and outputs

High precision sensor for versatile use

Simultaneous entry and exit for several people

Configuration via App

wall mounting



Connection to analytics platform

Expansion with additional sensors


Zone occupancy

Dwell / waiting times

Event and flow of people data

Common entrance and exit

Infrared sensor or manual control

Single entry and exit only

Canalization necessary

Configuration via App

Space-saving stand solution

Typical store area situations

Central entrance and exit

The sales area is entered and left through one general entrance.

For example:
Petrol station shops, boutiques, train station and airport shops, etc.

Separate entrance and exit

The sales area is entered through an entrance and left through a separate exit.

For example:
Events and due to the current situation, artificially separated entrances and exits.

Open sales area

Shops with an open entrance over a large width.

For example:
Sales areas in shopping center

Shopping center / many entrances

Large sales areas which have different entrances and / or extend over several floors.

For example:
Large sales areas in shopping malls, channeled customer guidance (e.g. Ikea)

Exemplary chart of CountMe Pro

Why COUNTME® Pro and COUNTME® Pro Mini ?


Precise data collection for even more clarity


For complex locations


One sensor, many possibilities


Optional analytics platform


arbitrarily expandable


Overview of the entire branch network

With COUNTME® Pro and COUNTME® Pro Mini you get the ultimate metering instrument for controlling your visitor and customer flows.

Intended for everyone who doesn't want to be held back by borders.
For everyone who questions the status quo. And for those who want to be one step ahead.

TV report about CountMe Pro in Zurich Zoo

Why COUNTME® Slim?


Reduced to the minimum


Ideal for limited space


Option 1: Manual remote control


Option 2: Control via COUNTME® APP

COUNTME® Slim is a proven solution that has been reduced to a minimum.

COUNTME® Slim can be controlled manually via the keyboard or via two sensors with the CountMe app

Are you ready …

... for the most functional, versatile and high quality customer flow management system?

The principle of CountMe Kit is simple: Use "the brain" and build your individual system around it. It can easily be combined with existing systems and components. Use existing synergies, benefit from low investments and convince yourself by the versatile and long-term application possibilities.


Modular principle


Sustainable use


One product, many possibilities


Targeted and individual


Simple and ready to use


arbitrarily expandable

The extensions

"The Brain" enables you to extend the system to your individual needs.


Simply use all of your existing systems and components
or add specific additional functions that you need.




Add a sensor to enable automatic customer counting.

Add a column or wall mount option.

Add a screen and combine it with advertising.

Order any reusable fabric prints for your column.

Add the ultra bright LED element to be clearly visible even in direct sunlight.

Add audio signals as additional communication tools.

Connect our system to your automatic doors.


Monitor your business or even your entire branch network.

This is just the beginning: Program and develop every additional interaction you need!

The analysis platform

In connection with our analysis platform, we offer you the evaluation and further development of the collected data in real time and on demand.

The data is interpreted based on your individually defined KPIs, whereby the platform supports you in making targeted decisions and measures faster and more efficiently - right up to data-based forecasts.


Makes data understandable

The CountMe® platform provides everything you need to quickly and effectively compare the data collected, interpret developments and even make forecasts. The data is available anywhere and at any time.

Patterns become visible 

Findings and helpful conclusions can be drawn quickly using modern diagrams and representations. The relevant data are made visible and can be interpreted and processed in a generally understandable manner.

Forecasts are made possible

Thanks to our close cooperation with IBM Analytics, forecasts and predictions can be derived from your data in order to better understand your customers.


Whether for individual users or for an organization: the CountMe® Platform can be scaled according to the needs of its use.


No matter where and no matter which device: via the CountMe® Platform, your data can always be displayed.

Remote maintenance / updates

Remote maintenance can be implemented quickly and easily and software updates are carried out automatically.

Optional accessories ...


Spacer marks


Entry and exit markings


Signage floor stickers

... The ideal addition to any variant of CountMe.

Even more options for CountMe®


LED booster


assembly aids


Connection to door system


Monitor systems

CountMe is already in daily use with these customers

COUNTME PRO in action

"With traffic lights against the second wave in Berlin and Hamburg"

"Lidl is now regulating customer admission digitally!"

"In Stuttgart, a system developed by the Steinbeis researchers has passed its practical test."

"The traffic light at the entrance regulates customer traffic in Sebastian Meinhardt's Inselmarkt"

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