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Create shopping experiences, inform employees, guide visitors, enhance your image

Digital Signage

Create competitive advantages. Digital signage creates added value through target-group-specific information and communication, thus binding your customers and visitors to your company in the long term.

Cutting-edge digital signage solutions allow you to:

  • specifically address customers, employees and visitors in real time
  • create attractive customer journeys at the POS
  • enhance your POS and POI and retain customers and visitors
  • show your full product portfolio with digital shelf extensions
  • manage queues and ensure greater customer satisfaction
  • visually inform employees
  • personally greet, inform and guide visitors and customers

Tailored digital signage solutions


Improve your customers' shopping experience

Advantages of our solutions



Improved customer experience in a branch of the optician chain Apollo

Improve your customer experience

Knowing the needs of your customers is your greatest asset. But what if you not only know these needs, but can actively address them in advance? What if you could acquire new customers and guide them through your POS. Create emotional experiences that lead directly to more sales. Our simple but modern, interactive and sales-oriented signage solutions inform and guide your customers, encourage impulsive purchases and orchestrate your brand as a digital pioneer.

  • Enhance brand and POS
  • Create emotional experiences and retain customers
  • Creating digital added value for customers
  • Recognize needs and react on the fly


Integration of digital touchpoints and applications at the POS at Vögele Shoes

Expand your sales area

Promote your entire portfolio at the POS? That works. Our sales signage solutions let you present products with all the details. Digital tools and interactive media support customers in their purchase decisions on the shop floor and actively relieve staff at the POS.

Sales signage at a glance:

  • Increases the attractiveness of your point of sale
  • Improves the targeted customer approach
  • Optimizes sales advice and integrates employees
  • Efficiently controls the flow of goods
  • Promotes cross-selling and upselling
  • Increases the average shopping cart value


Digital and interactive solution to promote sales for the sports shoe manufacturer LOWA

Increase your sales

By using digital media at the POS and synchronizing them with all touchpoints you can promote spontaneous and promotional purchases. Digital signage drives your customers into your shops by simultaneously integrating all other channels.

Our sales signage solutions at a glance:

  • In-store ordering options: Implement your online shop at the POS
  • Customized products: Ordered instore, delivered to your home
  • Online availability check: Check store inventory and order directly
  • Click & Collect: Pick up online orders in the store and pay online or onsite
  • Click & Reserve: Reserve products online and collect them onsite
  • Instore Return Service: Buy online, return instore if you don't like it


CD-compliant display of the wayfinding system at SportScheck

Provide CI-compliant information in real time

Weather or stock-related promotions, spontaneous price and product range changes - to adapt your digital content and messages you have to remain flexible, be able to react quickly and communicate in a CI-compliant manner at any time. With our digital signage software "PlayEverywhere" you control, manage and update the content of your digital media from anywhere - always with CI-compatible content.

With our "PlayEverywhere" technology you can create targeted content easily and on the fly

  • Swap content in real time with just a few clicks
  • Intuitive UI - easy to use without IT knowledge
  • Place CI-compliant content in the right place at the right time
  • Easy to integrate into your processes

Inform, guide and entertain customers and employees

Added value of our solutions at the POS and POI


Interactive exhibition space on trends, products and solutions in the IBM Client Center

Strengthen your corporate image

Your showroom, your lobby, your reception area or wherever your employees give their best every day - digital signage solutions upgrade your premises and ensure you a professional appearance both internally and externally: Welcome employees and customers personally. Communicate company news automatically and dynamically with our digital signage solutions. Actively involve visitors, guests and employees in your information system by integrating interactive touchpoints.

  • Upgrade POI and POS
  • Inform interactively and dynamically
  • Communicate objectively and concisely
  • Generate attention


Digital menu and menu in the BASF Feierabendhaus

Improve your service offering

Keep customers, visitors and employees always well informed. From the reception area to the production hall. Be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to digital communication at POI and POS? Yes, by offering services and added value through digital signage that bind your employees and create orientation.

Solutions with simple and interactive signage:

  • Intranet access for employees without a PC workstation
  • Digital notice board
  • Welcome and wayfinding
  • Process, production and company KPI's in real time
  • Roomsignage
  • Electronic meal plans and information about meals


Personal greeting of the guests and visitors to the IBM Client Center

Increase the quality of your information

Structured, clear and effective. Digital signage ensures a better information culture in your company across departments. From management to production. Our digital signage software "PlayEverywhere" ensures that content reaches the right people in the right place, in a structured and CI-compliant manner.

"PlayEverywhere" simply brings content to your digital media:

  • Create and distribute content easily and in real time
  • Browser-based and can be operated without IT knowledge
  • Can be integrated into existing systems

Digitally upgrade your POI & create added value



An intuitive wayfinding system welcomes visitors in the foyer of the Stuttgart City Library

Strengthen the image of your institution

Counteract the competitive pressure of online services and position your library, educational institution or cultural site in a modern and progressive way - with digital signage solutions you can upgrade your institution as a whole, offer your visitors real added value and make your POI more attractive and beneficial. Include your visitors interactively in your digital information system - transparent, concise, attention-grabbing and captivating.

  • Upgrade the point of interest as a whole
  • Offering digital added value and services at the POI
  • Inform dynamically via interactive touchpoints



Barrier-free information point of Deutsche Bahn in Frankfurt

Create transparency in your premises

What? When? Where? Questions that your visitors are sure to ask you frequently. Help customers, employees and visitors to find their way around your premises better: Digital signage solutions intuitively show the way to the desired destination and provide an overview of waiting situations. This increases both the satisfaction of your visitors and that of your employees.

  • Provide intuitive, quick and easy orientation
  • Equalize queuing situations
  • Increase visitor and employee satisfaction



Easy orientation: interactive map in the shopping mile Q 6 Q 7 Mannheim - Das Quartier

Help your visitors to orientate themselves better

With digital signage, you can provide your customers with all the information on the fly so that they can orientate themselves easily and specifically. Thanks to integrated keyword searches, our interactive signage solution intuitively shows where rooms, people or products can be found. Site plans, visitor and resident directories and floor information can be clearly displayed on digital displays.

  • Site plans for orientation
  • Floor overview with subject areas
  • Easy search through interactive systems
  • Evaluation of search behavior

Our award-winning digital signage software

The right content, at the right time, in the right place


Use animations, videos and images at the perfect time in the desired location. React on the fly to new developments at the POS and POI. Offer your target group an emotional customer experience. With our award-winning digital signage software "PlayEverywhere" you control, manage and update the content of your digital media from any location.

  • Control, manage and update digital content quickly and easily
  • Communicate in compliance with CI at all times
  • Administrate browser-based and location-independent from anywhere
  • Intuitive and user-friendly - no IT knowledge required
  • Can be integrated into your existing processes and systems
  • Roles and rights
  • and much more

Benefits of "Play Everywhere"

Clicks & content is live

No unnecessary clicks, no detours. “PlayEverywhere” is so intuitive that you can bring messages straightforwardly, directly and from anywhere to POI/POS.

Seconds & ready-to-play

In less than a minute you can administrate as many digital display media as you want. "PlayEverywhere" is extremely easy to use and immediately "ready-to-play".

many locations simultaneously

Great effect in a very short time. Use "PlayEverywhere" to administrate as many locations as you want at the same time. The right content, at the right time, in the right places. Fast, uncomplicated, with just a few clicks.


Corporate identity compliant

Sovereign appearance - always CI-conform. No matter who operates "PlayEverywhere", your corporate design is safe. That means full concentration on the content, thanks to the template basis.

The technology of "Play Everywhere" in a nutshell


With the help of individual templates, your editor can easily enter the information that is to be displayed on the presentation displays.

Server & Hosting

The server communicates with the player via the Internet. The content is automatically synchronized. No streaming of the content, no unnecessary traffic - the content is stored locally.

All locations

The "PlayEverywhere" player controls the dispaly media connected to it, such as video walls or displays. Mobile devices are controlled directly by the server.

These customers are already building "Play Everywhere"

Digital signage hardware

Hardware solutions for a sustainable customer experience

As digital architects, we know what is important when it comes to digital signage hardware. The hardware products selected by us must combine aesthetics, functionality and longevity in order to optimally enhance the surrounding and shop architecture of your POS and POI. We decide independently of the manufacturer or we use our own products.

Steles, LED walls, interactive information and advertising displays for digital signage and omnichannel solutions or mobile devices for your digital transformation.

From planning to installation

Full service from strategy to rollout and beyond


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