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Challenges & opportunities of digitization

In order to be successfull you have to live the digital change and build a solid foundation for it. The migration of customers from off- to online services is challenging brick-and-mortar stores. If you want to profit from the digital change you have to act and enter the race with convincing strategies and digital concepts. Our motivation is to create solutions that let you seize digitization to the max.

  • Strengthen the POS and POI
  • Raise brand attractivity and make brands tangible
  • Retaining customers and employees
  • Integrate, inform and motivate employees and customers in digital processes

Our approach

Create digital experiences, support employees and digitally push brands, companies, POI and POS forward.

Strategies and concepts for your digital success

As solution providers and digital architects, we are strategists, IT specialists, software providers and design experts. With our 360° approach we develop target-oriented solutions.

We support you in order to create new concepts and digital strategies within:

  • Digital transformation of your brand, facility or company

  • Sales
  • Establishing and optimizing digital processes

Digital strategies for your company



Digital retail strategies

Digitization has become imperative for many retailers and brand manufacturers. The demand for a holistic customer experience across all channels is increasing inexorably. In order to remain competitive a coherent digital strategy has therefore become more important than ever.

As part of our consulting services, we systematically analyze the (digital) success factors for your company and your branches. In order to create optimized and user-centered experiences, tactics are always alligned with your marketing and sales strategies.

Our know-how and our 360° services enable us to develop promising digital strategies for you. Our consulting approach focuses on the optimization and digitization of retail processes, workflows and branch structures as well as the profitable bundling of Big Data within one platform: Our software technology "ManageEverywhere".

Digital strategies for industrial companies

It's not just about your customers but also about your employees. Digitization enables and emphazises new ways of internal and external communication. The definition of a coherent digital strategy is an important first step towards transforming your company.

We systematically analyze the success factors for digitizing your company. Strategies are defined under strict consideration of defined KPI's.

Our know-how and our 360° services enable us to develop promising digital strategies. Within Digital Signage and Data Analytics we furthermore provide state-of-the-art technologies in order to transform the strategies into your daily business.

Public sector
Digital strategies for public institutions

Public institutions such as libraries, educational and cultural institutions face the challenge of remaining attractive for visitors. Counteracting the increasing competition by online services is mandatory. Digitization offers new approaches to customer loyalty.

Our solutions improve the customer experience through interactive touchpoints and the use of digital media such as interactive information terminals, wayfinding or queue management systems.

Our know-how and our 360° services enable us to develop a promising digital strategy for you. We support you and your facility within digital transformation.

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