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We support the sports shoe manufacturer LOWA with our expertise in its digital POS sales tool - the “LOWA Footscan” developed by us, which scans the customer's foot three-dimensionally in a 360° view. After the scan, our technology enables the visual display and processing of all data on a digital and interactive advice desk: the foot scan is matched on the fly with all shoe models in all sizes. Those models in the respective category that best fit the customer's foot shape are displayed. This customer-specific diagnosis promotes the sale of the products and makes after-sales activities profitable.


LOWA relies on the following services from netvico:


digital strategy
  • Solution for individual and sustainable customer care
  • Digital marketing tool to promote and optimize the sale of shoe models
  • Promotion of the sales process through a direct check of availability and direct ordering options via the advisory desk - thanks to the interface to the merchant's merchandise management system or from LOWA


Digital Signage
  • Content management with "PlayEverywhere"
  • Easy to use software
  • Intuitive usability of the media systems
  • Digital and interactive touchtable
  • Direct evaluation of the generated data
  • Swiveling touch screens
  • Improved consulting competence thanks to visualized content
  • Management and sustainable analysis of the generated sales
  • Customer entertainment through videos and animations


Design & Development
  • Individual and event-based application development for the POS in retail
  • Design suitable for the sports retail sector
  • UI / UX design suitable for mobile use at the POS
  • Individual template development
  • Interface to the company website and the merchandise management system of LOWA or dealers
  • Compatibility with existing IT infrastructure


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