Q 6 Q 7 Mannheim - Das Quartier

The DIRINGER & SCHEIDEL group realized the Q 6 Q 7 city quarter in Mannheim. In order to ensure quick and easy-to-understand orientation and to guide visitors to the desired addresses, for example one of the 65 shops, in a visitor-friendly way, the company group relyed on our digital expertise. In close coordination with the architects from blocher partners, we implemented the digital counterpart based on the analog guidance system.


Das Quartier relies on the following services from netvico:


Digital Signage
  • Content management with "PlayEverywhere"
  • Easy to use software
  • Quick update of the navigation content
  • Reliable and digital route guidance thanks to intuitive and interactive content delivery
  • Digital and interactive display media


Design & Development
  • Individual template creation

Picture gallery Q 6 Q 7 Mannheim - Das Quartier

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