Vogele Shoes

Vögele Shoes has recognized the opportunities presented by digitization and has set itself the goal of promoting its stationary trade on various levels. In 2017, we developed a strategy for the Swiss shoe fashion company that focuses on cross-selling and omnichannel marketing. Both the customer and the company benefit from the result. In addition to the modern and digitized shopping experience, we ensure increased customer frequency and significant sales promotion. In addition, all internal company data and data collected at the POS are sustainably analyzed, evaluated and used as a basis for optimized company and branch management.


Vögele Shoes relies on the following services from netvico:


digital strategy
  • Expansion of the customer journey through online shop systems in the analog store
  • Cross-channel services
  • Omnichannel Marketing
  • Integration of the stationary market in the process digitization


Digital Signage
  • Content management with "PlayEverywhere"
  • Ease of use of the software
  • Classic advertising displays for product presentations
  • Digital shop windows for more attention
  • Multimedia content for more advertising impact
  • Digital info points at the POS
  • Connection to the merchandise management system
  • User-friendly touchscreens
  • Support in sales conversations through digital devices
  • Sales promotion through comprehensive and transparent advice
  • Digital shelf extension on the analog sales area ("endless aisle")


Smart data
  • "Manage Everywhere" software
  • Merging and synchronization of data from different systems
  • Provision of the current inventory
  • Generate meaningful KPIs
  • Analyze, prepare and evaluate KPIs
  • Simplified reporting through Speech-to-Text, photo documentation and other tools
  • Digitize, standardize and map processes
  • Increase in sales through process optimization
  • Transparency and overview for the management
  • Creation of well-founded decision-making bases on demand


Design & Development
  • Interface to the inventory control system
  • Implementation of software technologies in internal processes
  • Data interface to the digital devices and apps used

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