Volvo's goal is to modernize its brand representation. The so-called Volvo Retail Experience (VRE) will be implemented at all Volvo dealers. We support the Swedish automobile manufacturer with our solutions, whereby we focus on digital retail elements and effective optimization of the sales process.


Volvo relies on the following services from netvico:


Digital Signage
  • Content management with "PlayEverywhere"
  • Modern look of the showrooms thanks to retail elements in Scandinavian design
  • Screens for welcoming customers individually
  • Emotionalisation of the sales area through multimedia content, such as Event notices or YouTube videos
  • Support of brand communication through image and advertising spots
  • Integration of POS TV in special brand walls
  • Integration and use of POS TV in the consulting area
  • Support of the consultation and sales talk with the help of technical explanatory films and product presentations
  • Remote control of the screens via different devices (e.g. tablet)


Design & Development
  • Brand-appropriate and cross-branch content design
  • Branch-specific content templates
  • Implementation of relevant interfaces
  • Screen control application

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