Wolff & Müller

In the foyer of the Stuttgart WOLFF & MÜLLER Group, we ensure fast and easy access to information. The construction company attaches great importance to modern efficiency, which we perfectly guarantee with our solutions. The past, present and future of the company are presented by displaying the company's history in digital form and providing information about current and upcoming events and projects.


Wolff & Müller relies on the following services from netvico:


Digital Signage
  • Content management with "PlayEverywhere"
  • Mobile touch stele with 46“display
  • The touch stele can be used at trade fairs and events
  • Interactive access to information on future construction projects


Design & Development
  • Individual template creation
  • Sophisticated UX design
  • Design creation for the digital representation of the company's history
  • Creation of a portal for website generation for projects
  • Interface to the project website

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