Software solution for agile process management

Bundling, enriching and profitably using data

Agile control and management of locations and branches

Our "Manage Everywhere" software technology is the efficiency solution for chain stores and companies with multiple locations that want to centrally manage and control branch offices, departments and stores. It synchronizes information flows from head office, locations and branches across departments in one system. Manage Everywhere" provides employees and managers with all the relevant information and control options they need to make the right decisions quickly - in line with their responsibilities, mobile and in real time.

With "Manage Everywhere" you can:

  • Turn big data into smart data
  • Standardize, automate and digitize processes
  • Motivate and integrate employees
  • Integrate guided selling
  • Reduce costs and save resources
  • Control key data - thanks to the KPI dashboard
  • Make information flows transparent
  • Place and control action measures
  • Make decisions based on an overall database
  • Better control communication channels to customers

"Manage Everywhere" - for your process-optimized business

Increase transparency

An overview of your network across all locations

Use "Manage Everywhere" to give your employees and managers a full overview of processes, information and data in your branches, locations or departments.

Visualize data

Defined KPIs and information are simplified and visually displayed across branches and locations. Thus your employees immediately know about the current visual merchandise, stock levels, turnover and other KPIs and thereby can directly generate tasks for corresponding measures within the system.

Agility for your sales

“Manage Everywhere” provides maximum insight into the branches - anytime and anywhere via mobile devices. Let your employees and managers on site report standardized and focused on the company goals via smartphone or tablet.

  • Modern visualization of branch information
  • Representation of KPIs and 360° store views
  • Extent of information depending on responsibility
  • Direct creation of to-dos as well as data enrichment for future tasks and recommendations
  • All relevant branches and locations at a glance
  • Reports are available anywhere at anytime

Digitize analog processes

With “Manage Everywhere”, sales employees responsible for branches have more time to concentrate on their core tasks: cross-location Documentation and reports are standardized, recorded directly and flexibly via mobile devices in "Manage Everywhere". Decision-makers have the information immediately available digitally and automatically in order to make qualified decisions. Transparent, automated and in real time.

Manage companies digitally

Control and manage processes digitally

With "Manage Everywhere" you control and manage all branch and location processes digitally and efficiently. Based on data-supported statistics, evaluations and reports, you can automatically generate qualitative actions for locations and branches. You control all units of your company quickly and directly.

  • Make well-founded, qualitative decisions
  • Generate measures based on key figures in real time
  • Respond to employee needs


Bundle data pools in "Manage Everywhere"

"Manage Everywhere" adapts to your environment and bundles your data pools through interfaces to third-party systems. Existing environments such as B. ERP, CRM, campaign management systems or e-shops are easily connected via an interface.

Use data profitably

Uncover optimization potential

"Manage Everywhere" uses analyzes and reports to reveal optimization potential. Decisions and measures are implemented faster, more reliably and more holistically. With our technology you create transparency, control and more efficient work processes, automate routines and avoid bottlenecks.

Keep track of your POS

All data enriched in “Manage Everywhere” is evaluated, analyzed and put in context with one another. From the automated generation of to-dos to predictive analyzes - for quick decisions regarding your POS.

Cost saving

The simple documentation and data maintenance saves time, resources and budget.

Vogele Shoes

Karl Vögele AG sells a diverse range of shoes under various brand names via an online shop and in more than 200 branches in Switzerland. In the regular data and information evaluation of the shoe retail company on different processes, important KPIs lost their informative value because they came from different 3rd-party systems such as ERP and CRM.

With the integration of “Manage Everywhere”, netvico has laid the foundation for the digital transformation at Vögele so that critical factors can also be analyzed effectively in the long term. Processes and data evaluations have been digitized and standardized, figures and information obtained from "Manage Everywhere" are substantial and enable digital process mapping on demand. Managing and controlling the company is now easier and more profitable for Vögele.


In the branches and headquarters of Germany's largest optician, data is generated and processes are run daily. The challenge was to break down existing data silos and to standardize and automate the inconsistent documentation. "Manage Everywhere" has managed to make internal data, such as employee data or sales figures, evaluable across departments. Furthermore previously analog processes like the visitors documentation of sales staff have been digitized. Apollo now safes resources and budget of the sales staff - thanks to simple data maintenance and documentation. Analyses and regular reports reveal potential for optimizing internal and sales processes at Apollo. The new, centralized information architecture for Apollo makes up-to-date information available in real time and processes much more efficient.

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