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Strong companies have strong partners

In order to fulfill the manifold wishes of our clients, we rely on a network of renowned and competent partners. We are therefore always open to possible new and innovative collaborations.

Strategic partners

You want to market your own products (e.g. digital signage hardware) together with innovative software or consultancy solutions? Become one of our strategic partners.

Technology partners

You offer digital solutions and want a strong technology partner behind the scenes? Let our combined business acumen unfurl – many companies use our solutions in their product portfolio.

Are you interested in a business partnership and would like to venture forth into the World of Work 4.0 with us and our expertise? If so, then do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to inspire you with new ideas and welcome you into the netvico family.

Expansion of service portfolio

Solution in a fast-growing market

Solution in a fast-growing market

Win-win situation

A selection of our strategy and technology partners

Over the years, a number of partnerships have developed that have been nothing but beneficial for both parties. Within this network, we have been able to generate development and marketing synergies, inspire each other with our innovative ideas and continuously strive to create new solutions.

Lenovo 4c

Lenovo is one of the leading PC manufacturers in the world as well as one of netvico’s hardware partners. The company’s high-quality products complement our software solutions perfectly, allowing us to offer our clients impeccable end-to-end solutions from one source.

Zermatt Bergbahn 4c

We are technological partner of Zermatt Bergbahnen AG and togehther with richnerstutz AG we have equipped the entire Zermatt ski resort with digital information systems..

IBM 4c

As business partner for IBM, one of the largest hardware and software technology companies in the world, netvico implements digital signage solutions in IBM infrastructure environments. IBM also makes use of netvico solutions such as interactive navigation pillars and digital door signs.

Stuttgarter Kickers blau

As “Kickers-Club Partner”, we support the Stuttgart Kickers by providing them with digital display technology for their hospitality and press areas. All the connected systems in these areas are controlled by our “PlayEverywhere” software technology. In return, netvico benefits from the Stuttgart Kickers advertising services package.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week bw

For many years, our experts in digital signage, omni-channel communications and connected business have been responsible for providing digital pillars for the fashion shows at this event, showing images and information that blend in perfectly with the architectural setting of the Berlin Fashion Week and make it a real eye-catcher.

Since 2009, we have sponsored the advertising pillars installed at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin to provide reliable support and orientation to guests and participants at this week-long event.